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We are His hands and feet...

I am rejoicing in a text message I received from the pastor of Youngsville Baptist Church in south Louisiana. As many of you know, south Louisiana was inundated with torrential rains like August. Meteorologists said the flood was of "Biblical proportion." Indeed it was. Many of our Southern Baptist churches were flooded and in great need. Our sweet church family rallied to help. We grabbed our hammers, electric tools, and brooms and traveled to Youngsville to help. We also brought food for those in need, and with Christmas right around the corner we showered them with toys. Many of us hung sheetrock while others cleaned. It was a long day but our weariness was worth the opportunity to help. Pastor Chris wrote:

"Hi Trey, I want to express our appreciation to you and New Prospect for hanging sheetrock for those impacted by the August floods. God has opened many doors. We were able to give away needed items, Thanksgiving baskets, and toys at Christmas for the children. Please continue to pray for our area. We had 10 families in our church that flooded. We are still trying to put our home back together too with flooring, doors, painting, baseboards, and furniture left to complete. May God bless your faithfulness! "

You see, we are part of a large extended family. We have brothers and sisters around the world! And is better to give than to receive!

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