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The Chocolate Chapter – I Confections 13

  1. Though I taste with the tongue of man or angel, and have not chocolate, I am become as an empty plate or growling stomach.

  2. And though I have the gift of cuisine and understand all recipes and all chef’s secrets; and though I have all ingredients, so that I could eat mountains of food, and have not chocolate, I am hungry.

  3. And though I share all my candies and sweets to feed other staff members, and though my body stores calories not burned, and have not chocolate, I gain only weight.

  4. Chocolate is the best dessert, I insist on having it every day, I get irritable without my chocolate.

  5. Chocolate makes me rejoice, but I sometimes suffer zits.

  6. With chocolate you can bear anything – just make sure your desk drawer has at least a 1 lb. bag of M & M’s hidden for emergencies.

  7. There is not end to good things made from chocolate – veggies will pass away, meats – they will spoil, fruits will get too ripe and be thrown out.

  8. For a day is not complete without chocolate.

  9. And a meal is not perfect without something chocolate.

  10. When I was a child I ate nutritious, well-balanced meals, but now I am a man and I want chocolate.

  11. Now I know chocolate only dimly – then I shall know it fully and stuff my fat little face.

  12. So pecan pie, vanilla ice cream, and sugar cookies can abide as substitute desserts; but the greatest of foods is CHOCOLATE.

--Lynn Christie

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