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Sarah Wilson,
Children's Director
Ethan Lewis,
Youth Director
Jimmy Crabtree Music Minister

I live here in the Prospect Community  and work with local children through the "Starbase" Program at Camp Beauregard.  New Prospect Baptist Church hired me as interim children's director for a year during, Mrs. Vicki's sabbatical, which has culminated into my being hired as the "Children's Director".  I am excited to continue working with the children's program here at NPBC.   I have a love for children in general and especially love helping them find their walk with the Lord.

I grew up here in New Prospect Baptist Church and in the community.  I not only attended Grant Parish Schools, I now teach in the Grant Parish School System.   I teach Junior High and care about the Formal  and Biblical Education of the teenage children in our parish.  

I serve because I enjoy coordinating the various musical talents our church members possess. Whether it be an instrumental, solo, quartet or choir, the challenge of creating an atmosphere to worship is a joy. What a blessing to be able to prepare a congregation’s heart through worship to receive God’s Word through our pastor. Awesome!

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